Check out these websites for great information on physical literacy including tools and resources for parents, coaches, educators and health professionals.

Active For Life

Coaching Association of Canada

Physical & Health Education Canada

Canadian Sport For Life Society

Health Link BC

physical literacy .ca

SD44 Inquiry Series on Physical Literacy (2018-2019) - Resources

Coming soon.

Community Sport: Let's Talk Series (January & February 2019) - Resources

Paul Varian: Keynote Presentation

Drew Mitchell: Quality Sport Information, Quality Sport Checklist

Durable Kids Conference For School District 44 & 45 (October 2018) - Resources

Dr. Dean Kriellaars: Keynote Presentation

Glenn Young: Cooperative Challenges, Club 24

Resources: Maximum Engagement Games & Activities Manual, CAN Physical Literacy Manual, PLAY tools (assessment), Physical Literacy Concept Paper

Physical Literacy Summit (Sept 2017)- Resources

Glenn Young: Fielding Games, Net & Wall Games, Can we play a game now? - Striking and Fielding Sports, Better Instruction, Better Coaching, Better Athletes, Practice Plan template, Progressive Intervention, Questioning Techniques, Target Games / Activities and Territorial Games

Matt Young: Keeping Kids In Sport (Keynote), The Cost Of Winning (13 min documentary)

Jennifer Fenton: CAAWS: Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women in Sport and Physical Activity